Saturday, January 13, 2007

Big Boy Car Seat!

Luca got his "big boy car seat" the other day. He is now in the car seat that he will be in until he is no longer in need of one. This one will become a booster seat as well. (He is still rear facing until 1 year, though.) He seemed to like it- it looked more comfortable, with more room for him to move. It is also much more convenient for me to take him in and out of.

Here is a picture of him in it before it was put into the car (obviously!).

And, of course, the box is the most fun......


Mike and Tor said...

Boxes are the best!!! Seriously - don't even worry about buying your kids toys - just go to the local cardboard recycling place and take the biggest boxes you can find.
They can be everything you can think of!!!
(So many memories of bringing my little brother Tyler home boxes and making things out of them together!)

Karyn/Mom said...

so, victoria - does that mean that we don't have to buy toys for your kids for birthdays, christmas, etc?

JAn - thanks for providing so many photos and updates so we can watch Luca grow up, even if we don't see him very often.

Mike and Tor said...

That's right - just cardboard! The bigger the better. That way our kids will continue to use their imaginations too! ;)