Friday, November 02, 2012


This Halloween was busy with both boys having Halloween parties in their classes which I volunteered to help at, the children's library program had a Halloween themed event that Levi and I went to, and of course, there was the Trick or Treating part!

It was a really chilly night and we didn't get to as many houses as we have in the past but the boys still managed to get quite a haul! They were so excited and had so much fun!

 Playing "pin the stem on the pumpkin"
 Really unimpressed with the feeling of the "goo" behind that curtain!
 Halloween at the library!
Luca waiting in his desk for the costume parade to begin
 Dancing to Halloween songs
 Bundled up and ready to go collect candy!
 With all their loot!

I even dressed up to volunteer in Luca's class!

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