Wednesday, August 08, 2012

This and That

As usual, I did well at blogging for about a week and then fell off the map.  Sigh.

Anyway, here are some snippets of what's been going on:

  • I said goodbye to my Blackberry and got an iPhone. I'm in love with it. So many really cool apps and so far the quality has been fantastic.  The only complaint I have is the same as many others in reviews I read before buying- the battery life is not super.

  • Dee and I are almost half way through the Couch to 5K training program. It is 9 weeks of interval training three times a week to go from being pretty much a couch potato to being able to run 5K.  As you may know, running 5K has been a goal for a few summers now and I haven't achieved it. This year I will do it! Our town has a 5K run that benefits the food bank in the fall, so that's our goal date. And the other benefits to running are something I'm really loving- the loss in pounds!

  • In just a few weeks Luca will start Grade 1 and Levi will begin Preschool. Gah!

  • I'm pretty sure both boys have grown a few inches over the last month. They both seem so tall and just so much older!

  • August 1 marked the start of my on-call period from now until December for babies. I have 1 per month at this point. I'll also be subbing again this school year so I'll be pretty busy! As usual...

  • My sister Sarah and her boyfriend Mike have bought an adorable little house in Hinton. Mike was transferred there and they move next week. I'm super excited for them as they start this new chapter but I know I'm going to miss them terribly. Its been nnice having Sas only 45 minutes away and having both planned and impromptu visits frequently.  Now perhaps a wedding will be next?!? ;)

  • The construction beside us is a serious thorn in my side. At 7am on the nose they begin working. For a few days it was so loud and was vibrating the house so badly that the CD I was trying to listen to kept skipping! And forget trying to sleep in...

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