Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Techie Tuesday

My boys are such "techies".

A few weeks ago I joined the iPhone community. My Blackberry bit the dust and I opted to go with an iPhone rather than another Blackberry. Chris already has an iPad so the boys are quite familiar with it.

When I got my phone, the boys wanted to play with it of course. They were asking for a game that Chris has and I didn't. I told them I didn't have that game and Luca's response was "well you can just transfer stuff from Daddy's iPad onto your iPhone you know."

Seriously. How does that kid know that?!?

Then about a week and a half later, while on our way to visit my mom, I was telling the boys that Gramma had an operation and that they had to be really gentle with her.  Levi says "How do you know Gramma had an operation? Did she text you?"

Clearly kids know that texting has become a main method of communication these days! Haha

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Karyn said...

They are growing up in a different world, for sure.