Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Kid Funnies

Sometimes my kids make me laugh so hard. Levi is at an age where everything is very literal to him. Luca is starting to get creative and use his imagination a bit.

Here are some recent conversations at our house:

  • Levi called me to come to the bathroom to wipe his bum (he's 3, I still do this task for him). When I got there, the light was off.

Me: "Levi, did you poop in the dark?"
Levi: (said incredulously) "No, I pooped in the toilet!"

  • We were discussing going to the dentist with Luca (he had a chipped molar). Luca said his friend told him that it was scary. I assured him that our dentist, whose name is Dr. Alberta was very gentle.  After thinking for a moment, Luca decided then that his friend must see a different dentist and wanted to know if his dentist was named Dr. Canada.  LOL!
(side note: Luca went to the dentist yesterday and was a total rock star! The dentist was so gentle he doesn't even know he got a needle for freezing! He didn't even flinch. As a reward, the dentist handed him $5 after his tooth was fixed!  She just laughed when I asked why she never pays me to come....)


The Tompkins Family said...

My most favorite things that Luca has ever said:

Janice: We're going to the zoo but first I have to pick Tasha up.

Luca: You can't pick Tasha up, she's too heavy!!


Luca: Did Baby Samara come from Tasha's boobies?

Karyn said...

I laughed out loud at Levi's common sense! What a kid.

These are my favorite kinds of posts - I love to hear what kids say.

Are we going to get to see you this Christmas?

Jay said...

Hahaha did Samara come from Tasha's boobies?!?!

Levi: I know Archie's a boy, he barks like a boy and Loki barks like a girl.


Levi on Christmas morning last year when I tried to wake him up

"no! Go away! Get out of here!"

I love my nephews<3

Joy said...

Ahahahahaaa! No worries, I still help Evan wipe and he's 4 :))