Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ahhhhh, Christmas

Wow, how is it already the 22nd of December? This month has flown by.

In just 2 more sleeps (when you are the parent of small kids, you measure everything by number of sleeps!) my family will arrive for our Christmas celebration on Christmas Eve.  I'm so excited to be hosting this year. There will be 8 adults and 3 children and who knows how many dogs here on Saturday.

The groceries for Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas Day brunch are bought, cookies are made (although most have mysteriously disappeared....) and most of the presents are wrapped.

I'm pretty much ready. And getting those excitement fueled butterflies. I'm so excited to see my kids enjoying and starting to understand the meaning behind our Christmas celebrations.

After we open the gifts that Santa has left on Christmas Day, we'll enjoy a leisurely brunch with my parents and then make our way to Ponoka where all of Chris' family will gather.

Everyone will be there this year- from Ottawa, Regina, Edmonton, Crossfield and Ponoka. We will all be together. Its going to be great!

I love Christmas.

What are your Christmas plans?

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Karyn said...

Sounds wonderful!

We have the 24th at Kath's - baking in the afternoon; early supper of oyster soup, carrot soup, and one other soup we haven't decided on; church; back to her house for snacks and games...

25th....our family day - basically presents and eating all day, culminating in turkey dinner. 'open' day - no firm plans yet, but we'll try to keep it laid back.

Uncle Jim will be leaving for up north on the 1st - first 'hitch' of the season...probably 3 weeks. I'm so NOT looking forward to that.