Friday, June 03, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

  • It is so windy here today and it is making me so mad! The beautiful 10ft high cedar trellis that my wonderful husband built me was knocked over and with it the new Morning Glory plants that I had nursed indoors from seeds and just planted. I had to go out in the wicked wind and right the trellis, bungee cord it to a post and replant my baby plants. Not a great start to the morning! Plus, the wind is blowing the petals off my tulips!

  • A bunch of gals from town got together and ordered coffee disks for our Tassimo coffee makers from the states. I had a Caramel Macchiato this morning and it was wonderful! Since I only ordered 1 package to try, I will have to savour them and not share! Haha!

  • A great way to start the morning in my favorite mug!

  • Chris went away on a "guys weekend" on May Long and for some bizarre reason, I decided that it would be a good time to potty train Levi. Levi turned 3 in April and I had been putting it off and putting it off because of my struggles with Luca (see here and here and here). On the Friday morning I put Levi in underwear and we started the routine of going to the potty regularly. He was doing great and by late morning was even initiating the need to go. At nap time, I decided to leave him in underwear and hope for the best. I told him it was quiet time and that he could only come out of his room to poop or pee. He came out twice to pee (I think mostly because of the novelty of being able to come out) and then came out and said he had to poop. Not really believing that he would actually do it (especially on the first day), I didn't follow him in. A few minutes later, he called me to come look and sure enough, on day 1 of potty training, he was initiating the need to go AND he pooped on the potty all on his own. To say I was ecstatic is an understatement! Since that day, we haven't looked back. He has had some accidents, which is to be expected, but I can confidently say that Levi was potty trained in a weekend. After the fight to get Luca to this point, I never thought I'd be able to say that!

  • Just after Easter we bought a new (to us) vehicle. We got a 2007 Yukon Denali and I am absolutely smitten with it. I had been wanting something with a bit more space and after riding in a friend's Yukon, I was in love. It took me about a month to convince Chris, but in the end, he was hooked too. We've had it for about a month now and it is still wonderful.

  • In just under a month, Luca will be done preschool and celebrating his 5th birthday. In just a few months my boy will be starting kindergarten! (Excuse me while I dab my eyes...)

  • A few months ago I was so discouraged about how slow doula business was. Well, I'm thrilled to say that I am now fully booked until mid-September! I'm on call from now until then and will have a short break (unless I get another client) in September and the beginning of October before another baby is due to arrive at the end of October. Even though it means a quiet summer around home, I'm so excited to be so busy helping families welcome their newest family members!

  • I haven't had good luck with a vegetable garden since we've lived here. We've decided that it is a combination of poor soil and drainage. This year, my dear husband built me raised beds and we brought in a garden mix soil from a local garden centre in hopes that this year we will have luck. I planted on Tuesday, so here's hoping that it will be successful! I'll keep you posted!

  • I've really grown to love gardening and choosing perrenials for my flower bed and annuals for my numerous pots and baskets. It gives me great joy to see bulbs, seeds and plants grow and multiply in my garden! I never would have guessed that this would be a new hobby of mine!

  • The boys are playing soccer this Spring and are doing well and enjoying it. Luca was into it from the start but it took Levi a few practices of crying and clinging to either Chris or me before he would get involved but now he likes to show off his moves!

Please don't look at the disaster that is my living room!


The Tompkins Family said...

They look SO cute in their uniforms!!

Joy said...

Potty trained in a weekend!! Amazing, especially after all the trouble the first time :)

Amy said...

woooo! Love the new truck! I see I am behind on your blog! Playing catch-up now!!
And yayy for Levi! One weekend! Thats awesome!