Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Which one?

I saw this on facebook this morning and thought it would be a fun question to ask...

If you could have a nanny, a housekeeper or a personal chef which one would you pick and why?
I'm not sure which one I'd pick....its a tough question.
Right now, Luca has been sick for 4 days. I'm working all week and Chris works, so we have had a bit of a dilemma.
If I give up my sub days to stay home, I lose all the days I am booked for because they want the same teacher in for all the days for continuity. If I gave up all 5 days, I would lose more money than I usually make in a month. Plus, it reflects badly on my part to have to cancel sub days, especially when the teacher requested me specifically.
Chris took 2 days to stay home, but to take a third day, he needs a doctor's note. Things are still up in the air for tomorrow and Friday. Its been a stressful week, and Murphy's Law states that
Luca would become sick for days on end during the worst possible week.
So, for this week, I would choose a Nanny. Then there wouldn't be the stress of trying to juggle childcare. I would know that I could leave Luca and Levi at home with the nanny and not worry.
However, I definitely don't need a nanny full time. I like to be the mommy.
A housekeeper... Who wouldn't love to have someone else do the cleaning and laundry? That is what I most often fall behind on, so it would be great to have someone do that for me. But, I know I would be embarrassed about the mess, so I would tidy before the housekeeper came so she wouldn't judge me. Kinda defeats the point.
A Personal Chef....this would be my last choice because I actually don't mind doing the cooking. It would be nice to have some new meal ideas and have someone ensure that they are healthy, balanced meals. Since I do a monthly meal plan, I don't find making supper as stressful as I used to. It used to be that suddenly it was 4 in teh afternoon and I would stress about finding something to make for supper. Now I don't have that stress. I look at the calendar and know what to make. I also TRY to have some variation in the meals we eat and I do my best to ensure that we have balanced meals.
What would be your pick and why?


CanadianMama said...

Oh, nanny for sure!!!

I love this question - it's totally going to be my next TMT!

Karyn said...

housekeeper. no question. at any time of my life's journey.

Amy said...

Housekeeper for sure... I don't mind doing the housework, but I am just imagining coming home to a clean house and laundry done ALL the time, and that just sounds like heaven!

briana said...

I think I would probably pick housekeeper too. I'd love to have a cooking class/consultation with a professional chef a couple times a year, just to keep cooking interesting. And I don't think I'd want a nanny, but that could just be becaue there is a girl at school who has a fulltime nanny for her kids, and shes the laziest most annoying person I've ever met haha.