Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mother's Day!

I want to share this letter which was written to me by my amazing husband and left beside my bed for me to read this morning when I woke up after sleeping in. It is so touching and I am so honored that he would take the time to write this for me.

Mommy – A lot can be said by such a simple word. The range that it can imply is pretty impressive. From the instinctive “MOMMY!” a child cries when hurt to the play ground bully that calls someone a “mommy’s boy”, or tells them to go “Cry to your Mommy”. The simple consistent part of these situations is the reference to what is possibly the most important role a mother can play; the protector of her children.

The mother’s ability to protect a child before they even know they exist is a miracle in itself. Once the discovery is made a mother doesn’t complain that they are going to get stretch marks or lose their childhood figure. They rejoice that they have been blessed with such a thing. They brim over with joy and love at their new upgraded life. The next stage a mother must go through is one that will forever stand as a testament to their love of their child. Before a mother ever meet’s their child they will go through the most challenging, and life altering moment in their life. Giving Birth. Although this is a true test of a mother’s physical, emotional and spiritual strength, the reward is always greater than the risk. Once a child is born, so is a mother.

From that moment on a mother spends the rest of their life doing everything they can to make their child’s life perfect. From the moment a mother wakes up to when they go to sleep the safety and happiness of their children is always in their thoughts. Some mothers will tell you that the best parts of their day is the end when the children are in bed sleeping, and they can get some peace and quiet. There is no doubt that the quiet a sleeping child allows is truly euphoric but there is an underlying reason for a mothers happiness at this point. A sleeping child represents something that every mother strives for. A sleeping child is one that has been cleaned, fed, nurtured and otherwise “mothered” to bed. It is one that has been safely and lovingly placed there to get a nights rest. A sleeping child is one that a mother has successfully helped get through another day moving forward into their lives. The happiness that a mother feels when their child is sleeping is one that can only come when a mother knows their child is truly safe. A happiness that can not be enjoyed as little boys jump off the back of a couch to see who can land the loudest or father’s pilot the entire family through a mountain pass.

Mothers are a special and amazing sort. Although there is only one “Mothers Day” each year, I hope that we all realize without mothers in this world, our lives would not be the same. I know that when mommy is not around our house things are never the same. Sure boys will be boys, and we have our fun, but whenever someone gets hurt, or it’s time for a bedtime kiss, the first thing out of all our mouths is:


Luca, Levi, Loki, and I are a pretty lucky crowd. For that we are thankful. The love and joy that mommy brings to our lives is nothing short of a miracle. We love you Janice and hope that today will help you understand just how much we appreciate you.

As well, we are blessed to have an extended family full of loving mothers. Grandmothers and Great Grandmothers, Aunties and Great Aunties. All of whom represent the love of a mother in their own special way. This year my family has lost our beloved Nona. She was the measuring stick that every mother in my life today is measured against. The love and commitment that she showed to her family was without a doubt one of the most amazing things I have ever seen.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone, and I hope you all get to sleep in!


Writer Mom said...

So when is Chris getting his own blog? That boy can write!

What a beautiful sentiment and gift for you to wake up to. I know how much you treasure your husband and your kids because you tell me often.

Happy Mother's Day to an amazing mom, wife and friend. You are the best!

CanadianMama said...

Clearly this is not a shocker that would choose to be with such an amazing man. I've always thought your hubby was hot and now I think he's smart, well spoken and compassionate too! What a perfect man for such an incredible woman!

CanadianMama said...

ps. Happy day Janice!

Jay said...

Awww, my big brother is a big softie. So sweet! I am so happy you found him Janice. I also like that he included Loki as one of your children. Haha.

Give him a hug from me, and tell him I want to read more from him!

Anonymous said...

Janice that is a wonderful letter! Who knew Chris was such a writer :) I was good right up until the part about Nona and that was it for me. I hope that you had a wonderful day yesterday!

Karyn said...

I agree...Chris should either get his own blog or contribute more often to yours - he is well spoken. (Of course, we always knew he was intelligent)

I am so happy that you, my 'other daughter' have such a great life mate. Chris...I'm proud of you - not only are you a good man, you are a wonderful father and an exemplary husband. Thanks for taking care of our little girl so well.

And Jani - thanks for sharing this beautiful Mother's Day gift.