Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The power of Google

If you read this regularly, you will have read the poem that I posted a while ago. In case you missed it, here it is.

Anyway, this morning, I received an email notice that someone had commented on it. I opened the message and this is what I found:

"I am the author of this poem, and was just showing my son the power of Google this morning, when we found my poem on your blog! I am so honored that you posted it ... thank-you.

Enjoy your beautiful boys ... my boys are 11 and 10, and my daughter is now 6 ... time flies very quickly with little ones as markers.

All the best,

Bev Suntjens

Ok- how cool is that?!?!

I actually got the poem from our monthly Crossfield MOPS newsletter and loved it so I had to share. I have no idea where the lady that writes our newsletter got it from, I'll have to ask her.

I just had to share this little tidbit. I thought it was pretty neat. I'm sure her son thought it was neat to see someone else showing his mom's work. I hope my boys would be proud of me.

I just did some "googling" of my own and discovered that Bev Suntjens is a fellow Albertan, from Stony Plain. Here is an article on her written in the Edmonton Journal last Mother's Day. Now I know where Beth from MOPS most likely got the poem from- the Chicken Soup from the Soul book.


The Tompkins Family said...

That is so so so cool!!

Karyn said...

That is way cool....I bet it was exciting for Bev and her son to find this!

Poltzie said...

Wow that is so neat!!