Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Interview with a 32 month old....

Here is a conversation that Luca and I had this evening while I was preparing supper. He answered each question with such certainty, which was so funny, as you will see from some of his outrageous answers. It is so fun to see what little kids come up with.

What does Mommy look like? princesses

What does Mommy always say to you? Blast off!

What does Daddy do? Driving

Where does Daddy work? at Calgary "prolly" (translation: probably)

What does Daddy look like? Ummm....Saturday

What color are Mommy's eyes? (after inspecting them) Broken

Who is your favorite person? Daddy's my favorite!

How old is Mommy? BIG!

How old is Daddy? 7

How old is Papa? He has a chocolate maker

Where is Gramma and Grampa's house? Pa-lo-ka (translation: Ponoka)

What does Papa look like? Blue

What do you like to eat? Red food

What does Mommy like to eat? Salad

What does Daddy like to eat? Pasta

What does Levi like to eat? salad

Who is your best friend? Papa is my best friend. He is.

Do you have a girlfriend? Uh huh, she's at playgroup

What does Loki do when we go to playgroup? goes outside

What does she do outside? Bangs heavy things. (This is sort of true- she "throws" her bone on the deck and it is very loud)

What does Mommy do for you? She puts away stuff and opens things. Uh huh.


Poltzie said...

Oh my, this is SO cute! I can't wait for stuff like this.
Thanks for the nap suggestions, it's what I've been thinking but by 10:30 he's so ready for a nap that it's hard to say no to him. Wish me luck :))

Karyn said...

LOL....I love what you do for him!

The best posts are the ones that tell us what the kids are saying (thinking at the moment)

Thanks for sharing

The Tompkins Family said...

This is adorable!!

Anonymous said...

Who is your best friend? Papa is my best friend. He is

This is a fantastic line. He'd be so touched.