Thursday, March 15, 2007

Lots 'O Stuff...

Goodbye, Riverside School

Last Thursday, (a week ago today) destruction began across the street from our house. The school, which has been closed since 2002 finally came down in front of many onlookers and to many tears. Riverside School holds a special part of many memories for the community. For example, my next door neighbor had a very difficult time watching the demolition as both her and her daughter attended the school and her grandmother was the first principal there.

I was sad to watch it go as well, but not for as many sentimental reasons. A part of this community's history is now just a memory. The beautiful, aged trees across from us have a grim fate, as well. This saddens me. And, for selfish reasons, I am not too excited to have 30 houses put up across the street from me and for our view to change from a fairly nice one to the back yards of many new homes.

The same week as we bought our house, it was announced that the land had been sold to a developer who will be bulding an assisted living senior's complex on the far East side of the lot and 2 cul-de-sacs here at the West end. I suspect that building for the senior's home will begin very soon, but I don't know when the residential area will be developed. So far I have not seen any ads for lots for sale, so maybe it will be a little while....

Sunday with the Hutchinson Family

We were invited to spend Sunday afternoon at Rob and Lana's (my cousin and his family) to have a late anniversary celebration for Auntie Karyn and Uncle Jim's 30th. It was lots of fun to hang out and visit. We also played "The Newlywed Game" which was lots of fun and had us all laughing. The winners were the most newlywed couple, Kath and Vinj, at just over a year and a half of wedded bliss. Kath had brought along a bunch of old photos of Anutie and Uncle's wedding and early years of marriage. It was really neat to look at the pictures and see my grandparents and parents and aunts and uncles in the 70s and 80s. Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE to look at photos, so this consumed a lot of my time there, and I loved it!

It was a great afternoon and Chris and I were very happy to have been included in this family day.

Monday with Dee and Adelynn

On Monday, Luca and I spent the day with Dee and Adelynn while Chris and Layne went to work. It was a great day. Dee and I always have a good time together even if it is just sitting around chatting. That is the beauty of our friendship. We LOVE to just talk and laugh.

Adelynn is getting so big. It's funny to say that because she is only a few ounces bigger than Luca was when he was born and we thought he was so small. But, after 4 weeks, Adelynn looks big! It's all realtive, I guess.

Luca was so interested in Adelynn. He was constantly pulling himself up on the furniture to get a look at her, to touch her and to kiss her. He is such a curious little boy! You can see in one of the pictures that he is going in for a kiss.

Dee and I like to joke that our babies will be married. Maybe love is blooming already?! Haha!

And, of course, what would a post be without a montage of picutes of my little man?! These are all from the last few days.

In this picture, Pat was throwing Luca's sippy cup lid into the air and Luca was laughing so hard! You can see that he is anticipating it to fly up above him. So cute!

I will post some new videos in a few days as well. I will let you all know when they are ready.

Chris is down in Houston for 9 more days for work. He comes home on the 23rd, and already I am counting down the days. To see him, of course, but also, he is bringing my late birthday present home with him- a new camera! I have been putting off chooing one since my birthday, and when Chris found out that he was heading back to Texas, we started lookin online. We found one that we liked for quite a bit cheaper than we could get it here, so the decision was made. Chris picked it up from the store last night, so he has 10 days to play (and figure it all out so he can teach me!) before he brings it home.


robandthegirls said...

We really enjoyed having you guys out here too Jan.

Karyn/Mom said...

What a lot of news! and great photos, too!

It was such a nice surprise to have you come out to join us for our "anniversary party". You've always been "one of the kids" to us, so having you there was perfect.

Don't get TOO lonesome while chris is gone - my man is (probably) leaving for a while, too next week. Ah well - break up is upon us and he will be home for at least a month and then home as much as he's gone over the summer. Yay!