Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Christmas is coming!!!!

On Sunday morning, we decorated our Christmas tree. We were very excited to have a real tree this year. When we were renting, we weren't allowed to have real trees for insurance purposes (fire hazzard). Now that we are in own own home, we were definitely getting a real one! Chris went and picked it out at the lot on Saturday. He got the tallest one he could find- it was about 8.5 feet tall. We had to trim it a bit so that our star would fit on top. It nearly touches the tallest peak in our living room! The smell brings back so many memories of Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa Johnson's. It's wonderful!

Luca loves to look at the lights, and he "talks" to the tree. He thinks that the feeling of the needles is hysterical- he laughs every time we hold him up to the tree to touch!

Luca even helped to put his first ornament on the tree!

Then it was off to Nona and Papa's for supper and all the kids helped decorate their tree, too!

Only 13 more days till Christmas!


Karyn/Mom said...

Weren't you in your house before Christmas last year? Or did you move in too close to Christmas to have a tree?

I'm sure Luca will enjoy all the wrapping paper this year.

One of my favorite Christmas photos is of a beautiful, bald little girl sitting in the middle of a pile of wrapping paper and laughing hysterically. (wonder who that would be?) If I can find some time to dig it out and post it, maybe I will share it with everyone while it is still the Christmas season. (In other words, not necessarily BEFORE Christmas)

The Grahams said...

We moved in last year on Dec 18th, and were living out of boxes for a while, so we decided that it was not a priority to get a tree. We did have a small fiber optic one though, so that we didn't look like Scrooges too much! We were also excited to put up out outdoor lights this year, too. Chris likes to decorate for the holidays, so that last 2 years were sad for him. (When we moved to our rental in Ponoka, it was in the middle of December in 2004, so we had gone 2 years without a tree and decorations).

Luca was on the floor while I was wrapping presents and he got ahold of some shiny gold paper and mangled it, but he had fun! He has been playing with a bow off one of my birthday presents since my birthday, and he still finds it very interesting!

Looking forward to seeing that picture!

megan said...