Saturday, July 07, 2012

Saturday Night Leftovers

  • Summer is in full swing and we have been BUSY! We went to Ponoka last weekend for the Stampede and Luca's birthday. The weather was fantastic and we had fun at the parade, midway and my mom and I took in a rodeo performance.

  • We came home for a day and then the boys and I headed to Lethbridge to spend a few days with Tasha and her girls. It was great to see them as always, but the boys' behaviour was less than stellar. Made for a long couple days with me constantly policing them. The next visit Tash and I have is going to be sans kids.

  • I was going to donate blood while in Lethbridge but it turns out since I was in the Dominican in April, I can't donate for a full year. So, I will put donating blood on my 2013 goals list and try again. Unless I go somewhere tropical again to get out of doing it... ;)

  • I don't think I've really mentioned it on my blog before too much but my BFF is moving to Houston, Texas when their here house sells. It makes me sad to think about. As often as we can, we try to spend quality time together. Today we had a great girls day that started with pedicures, then lunch with a slushy drink then something we've been talking about doing for ages....we got our noses pierced! Dee had hers done when we were at Augustana (cough...13 years ago...cough, cough) but it grew in many years ago. I'd never had mine done and have been wanting to do it for a while. So, I'm now sporting a cute little rhinestone stud in my nose. I was so surprised with how quickly it was done- literally it was a 2 minute process. That's not to say it didn't hurt, but it was fast!  You only live once, right? And what's a little tiny hole in a nose anyway? Chris calls it my midlife crisis.... tee hee.

  • Tomorrow we are taking our week of holidays this summer and heading out camping to Gull Lake. I took the month of July off from doula work so that we could actually enjoy some family time without the phone ringing. We also have friends camping there at the same time- Luca's kindergarten teacher and her family and some family friends. It should make for a fun week and hopefully some tired boys each night!

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