Thursday, July 21, 2011

Gardening....a few weeks later

Scroll down to the last post for comparison pictures. These ones were taken earlier this week.

Remember those cute little baby veggies that were just starting to look like something? Here's that garden now!
My Spinach bolted (went to seed) faster than I could eat it. It seemed like one day it was too small and the next, had shoots sprouting from the middle. Oh well, live and learn. I think I have time to grow another row or two, so I'll just pull the current stuff out and start again. After doing some research at the University of Google, I learned that Spinach doesn't particularly like hot weather and will bolt. Not bolt like running away, but going to seed is actually called "bolting" (I learned that too!).
My lettuce is scrumptious but I fear it will start going bad before I can use it all too. :( If you want lettuce, let me know!
My onions have also started to seed but are still tasty and have made it into a few dishes. In hindsight, I may have planted more than needed, so there are onions available for the picking, too!
My carrots are still pretty tiny. It'll be a while before we can enjoy them. The beets are almost ready and I think that I could probably get some potatoes but I haven't checked yet. I think I'll let them keep growing a bit. My tomato plants are nice and big but no sign of fruit yet. If they do produce any, it will be my first successful tomato crop!

Remember when I said I had a bunch of ambition and decided to make a new garden? It went well while I was digging up the grass, and it continued to get larger and larger, but then when the hard work came (digging out the white rocks), I stalled out. So, this is where it sits now. Waiting for the white rocks to be taken out. Then we can put in soil and mulch and I can plant. At this rate, I'll be planting fall bulbs and hoping they come up in the Spring.
The edges of the garden got further out in the front and came down the sides. I had begun only planning to bring it out in the front (you can see this in the last post), but my shovel just got away from me!
Arent't those pots great? I went to a local Greenhouse and they had them on clearance for 75% off! They are tin and quite large. I paid $26 for the 3 of them! I think even after the soil, mulch and plants are in there I might just leave them to add some height and dimension among the trees. We'll see....

In the last post, there wasn't much to be seen in my Welcome basket as the seeds were just sprouting, but here are my Nasturtiums, growing!

I had ordered some bedding plants from our community's playschool fundraiser and was very disappointed when I received them. They were tiny, pitiful looking things that I didn't expect to amount to much, but to my surprise and delight, these Lobelia have filled out beautifully!
Looking at the house. Not all my flowers are visible.
Coming up the sidewalk to the door. My pots are filling out nicely. :)


The Tompkins Family said...

That garden is seriously impressive! Wish I could take some lettuce and onions from you!

Cortney said...

Beautiful! I have never been successful growing anything but herbs in this climate...very impressive.

Karyn said...

You know you can tromp the tops of your onions, wait a day or two, then pull them, lay them in the sun for a day, and they will keep for months? You do not have to give them away. Also - you can braid the tops together and hang them in a cool(ish), dry place to keep for a few months.

Great job, BTW, on your gardens!
Did you find the weeding to be minimal, as the book promises?

Amy said...

Looks fantastic!!! My in-laws taught me the secret to the lettuce is plant it in one week intervals, so that its not all ready at the same time! You can do it with the spinach too. We've eaten spinach salads 4 days this week and its still going crazy... I think I need to cook it and freeze it maybe? Or any other ideas?