Tuesday, October 05, 2010


I'm learning to tell people about books or articles that I have read that have touched me in some way. I used to tell one or two people about it but that's it.

Having a friend that is a writer and hearing from her perspective how important it is for writers to get feedback on their work has prompted me to be more forthcoming with my feelings and impressions on writing.

Today I discovered that another writer, Shilpi Somaya Gowda , author of Secret Daughter appreciated my "review" (if you will call it that) of her book. A quote from that post that I wrote has appeared on her website under the Reviews tab. (Near the bottom if you are looking).

More that being touched that someone would take a quote from me to put on their blog, I was proud of myself for making my feelings about a book known so that others might appreciate the book as I did.

If Ms. Gowda is anything like my friend, I'm sure that each nice thing that is written about her writing touches her and she appreciates it. I'm glad that I was able to (in a roundabout way) let her know just how much I truly enjoyed her book.


Writer Mom said...

I have NO idea how I missed this post on my dashboard, but I really appreciate how much of a cheerleader you are for me with my writing, and for others in what they do.

You have the heart and soul of an encourager, and from one who has been encouraged many, many times by you and hope to be encouraged again in the future, it means a lot to me.

Thank you, friend, and I'm so glad you recommended The Secret Daughter to me, and I guarantee Ms. Gowda was personally touched by your review.

Karyn said...

Good for you! I have never written in any way to an author to tell them what their writing means to me. WTG for taking that step to appreciate and encourage!