Monday, September 13, 2010

God and Babies

This is a conversation I had with Luca this morning. I thought it was pretty cute and a pretty good example of how a 4 year old's brain processes things.

To set the scene, I was looking at photos on my aunt's blog. When I came upon a picture of her son, Luca asked who that guy was and I replied Daniel.

Luca "Is that your cousin"
Me "yes, it is. You're very smart."
Luca "where are his kids?"
Me "He doesn't have any kids."
Luca "Why not?"
Me "Its not his time to have kids yet."
Luca "Are they in his tummy?"
Me "no, he would be a daddy because he is a boy. Only mommies have babies in their tummies."
Luca "Oh. (pause) so, is God making his babies for him then?"
Me "Yes, God is making them for when it is his time to have babies."
Luca "where is his factory?"
Me (after chuckling a bit) "God makes babies in Heaven"
Luca "Oh, so God makes babies in heaven? Does he live there?"
Me "yes"
Luca "Is God the boss of Heaven?"
Me "I guess you could say that."
Luca "Hmmm. God is a boss who makes babies..." (said thoughtfully while walking away)


TJ said...

that made my morning.

Writer Mom said...

Love it! Hopefully he shares his new wisdom with his preschool teacher and friends this week! :)

William helped me with the laundry this morning and I explained the agitator on the washing machine, and he had about a million questions. I'll let him process all of that information and see how it comes out later...

Joy said...


Karyn said...

Jan...I've tagged you! check out my blog for the instructions (if you want to participate)

Mary Alex said...

its so innocent ..and funny at the same time:0
i love the way u's simply awesome!!