Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I wanna look like a movie star without the exercise and plastic surgery!

I think that there is one thing that all women have in common - we all want to be thinner, fitter, chestier, blonder, etc. We all want what we don't have to a certain degree.

We all see the women in magazines and on tv that continually make us feel bad about the way we look.

This is a constant struggle for me. I work out regularly and for the most part I'm comfortable with my body. Sure, I'd like to wake up one morning to find my "mummy tummy" gone and the stretch marks mysteriously vansihed and my breasts back up where the belong with the fullness that I didn't appreciate before I had children, but each morning I wake up to find my parts exactly as they were when I went to bed.

I dress as best as I can to hide my trouble spots and still be comfortable and get on with my day. Usually in my mind, I know that all those girls I see on tv and in People (or In Touch or Us Weekly...ok, my not-so-secret addiction) are way thinner than their healthy range for their body type and that they don't get to sit and watch a movie while devouring an entire bag of Nibs and a can of Pepsi (not that I do that!). I do fall within the healthy weight range for my body and I don't feel like if I were to sit and eat an entire bag of licorice and a pop I'd have to work out for hours the next day to work it off so I look good for all the paparazzi that trail me constantly.

I've actually got it pretty good. I just need to remind myself of that. I enjoy working out but I'm not going to sacrifice my time with my kids and husband to work out in search of the look of "perfection". I'm not going to spend thousands of dollars on surgery to make my body something it isn't because that money would be better spend on a family vacation where we can build memories, or our children's education savings or a new wardrobe to dress the best for my body. (hey, how'd that slip in there with those other more reasonable ideas? LOL)

There is also a certain time each month that I feel worse about my body than I do any other time. My jeans are a bit tighter than they should be, and I just feel *yuck*. Its during this time that the thoughts of disappointment over what my body has become creep in.

This morning I read this post and I had my AHA! moment. Well, actually it was Elizabeth over at Confessions that had my AHA! moment, I just had to read it. The last 2 paragraphs really spoke to me.

Without this body that I have a like-hate relationship with (not a love-hate relationship, I'm just not there yet), I wouldn't have my children. I wouldn't have the memories of pregnancy and birth. Moments that have shaped me into who I am today. My body is an outward sign of the changes that my life has embraced.

I'm learning to embrace the body that I have.


The Tompkins Family said...

What a great post. Funny, since I was just b!tching to you this morning about body issues!!

Erin B Lowe said...

Thanks for that Janice! I so appreciated that reminder!

Writer Mom said...

Loved this post! You are so very right. I keep telling myself that someday I'll have time and (less likely) more willpower to exercise regularly and eat less popcorn, but in these days, I'm learning, ever so slowly, how to appreciate this short time with my little ones, and be comfortable in my own skin.

It's not easy, and some days are better than others, but this reminder is very important. Thank you, my friend.

CanadianMama said...

Janice - when I win the lottery I'll get us both all the plastic surgery and personal chefs we need lol!

But really, I agree. Liking my body is probably a struggle that I will have for the rest of my life but it's one that I usually win :)

Karyn said...

Great post, Jan. I, too, especially like the final paragraph of Elizabeth's thoughts.

Take it from an old (compared to you)fat lady. If you can get ahold of this truth and really live it, you will be a happy woman.

If I had one do-over it would be to go back and be accepting of myself when I was maybe 15 - 20 pounds overweight. Instead of hating the way I looked I would have done as you girls are talking about. I would have gotten out there and played with my kids, gone for walks, learned to play tennis or taken dance lessons....I would have been active instead of letting my percieved weight keep me from these things.

If I'd done that, I would now be an old NOT fat lady right now. And I wouldn't have had to waste so much emotional energy on 'dieting'.

You girls are on the right track, for sure. Go...make the memories. You may not get into a size 6 again, but you will be happy and no one will notice what size you are or how unperky your 'girls' are. Trust me.