Friday, February 16, 2007

More pics...

Here's Luca's picture that was in the Ponoka News in a special feature of "The Babies of 2006". What a cutie!


We were very excited to go and meet Adelynn on Thursday. She is such a beautiful little miracle! And when I say little, I am not kidding! She seemed so little compared to Luca now (obviously) and when he was born. He was 2 whole pounds bigger, so we never saw him when he was as little as Adelynn is. She is just over 6 lbs and is so petite (like her mom). She has TONS of brown, thick, wavy hair. If it doesn't fall out, Dee will be putting bows and pony tails in there in no time!

Luca was quite curious, he wanted to touch her whenever he was close enough to her. It was interesting to watch, because he has always been the youngest baby. He likes to touch the other kids at playgroup, too. Soon they will be playing with eachother! Here are some pictures from our visit.

Luca likes to stand "by himself" now. Here he is looking out the window. (Don't worry, Chris is actually right there to catch him...)

Luca has also figured out how to give kisses and he loves doing it. As lovely as this is, these kisses are probably ones that really only Mommy and Daddy can really love- they are a bit sloppy! Gotta love those big open mouthed kisses, though!

Have a Happy Family Day long weekend! Chris is headed to somewhere near the NWT border for about 4 days, so Luca and I will be spending the long weekend alone for the most part. On Sunday we will be having dinner at Pat and Joanne's. Tom is home from Ottawa for a visit! :)


Karyn/Mom said...

gotta love those big wet kisses!

Luca looks like such a big boy next to that tiny little girl.

Karyn/Mom said...

oops, I thought the first photo was a seperate post. so I'll just make another comment on the same post.

That's a great photo for the "baby page"! Much better than a newborn photo (as cute a newborn as he was) it shows so much personality

Dad, Jim , Jimmy, Paka, Uncle Jim, Daddy said...

That was a cool picture in the news paper. Hey nice job of scanning, the pic came through real nice.

megan said...

She's beautiful :)

And Luca is adorable as always!

Rob and the Girls said...

I just saw that in the paper before I saw it here. It looked good.