Monday, October 16, 2006

Need I Say More???


Karyn/Mom said...

what a sweet, happy boy

Anonymous said...

Such cute pictures--he is growing so much! Could you send some snaps to me--I am not to good on the computer so don't know how to print them off--would like to see you guys again--call if you are free to come over for dinner sometime. didn't get to see you for thanksgiving . Love Grandma J (whoops-great Grandma J. )

T & J Heuver said...

He sure is getting big!! I love his smile!!

Vinj&Kath said...

He looks like you Jan in the top picture, so much!!!! Wow! He's growing so much. But I guess thats what they do best hey.

Hey did you get the epidural (sorry not sure how to spell that... don't think i'v ever written it down:) when you had Luca? Just taking a pole, wondering what the average is.

Anyway, luv ya,

The Grahams said...

Hey, Kath-
I didn't have an epidural, I was fortunate enough to have had a very fast labour and was not able to get one. Going into it, I didn't want one, during it, I did and after I am ok that I didn't.

Why are you so curious? Do you have news that i am not aware of yet?!?!?

Vinj&Kath said...

no not yet... but maybe some time soon.